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 Loveramics products are designed in London and made to Speciality Coffee Association Standards.

They're also the choice cups at various coffee championships.  Their products are widely used across cafes and restaurants around the world due to their unique design of ensuring the 'perfect pour', thick walls which retain heat, and ability to withstand bumps.  As a result they have been called the 'barista's choice'


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Sttoke reusable ceramic cups are the market leaders in the reusable cup field.  Designed and headquartered in Australia, the cups have won multiple awards for their elegant design and functionality.  They are now available in the United Kingdom. 

The cups are constructed of double-walled 304 food-grade stainless and a Greblon® ceramic interior.  This allows the cups to keep cold beverages cold for up to 6 hours and hot beverages hot for up to 3 hours.  

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Business Insider has called Hario the "go-to-coffee equipment"

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Iconic British storage solutions.  Kilner has been working on ways to store more without plastic.

All Kilner jars are made of glass.  Kilner glass can be recycled through kerbside recycling even if broken. 

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Mason Cash produces iconic mixing bowls which have been used for generations.  Their textured patterns enable both novices and experienced hands to hold easily and its bowls are designed so they can be held with one arm.  

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